ECBC: Comics recommendations by “Doctor Vince”! 9/17/17

“Doctor Vince” is a rocket scientist by day, and an EC Book Club (ECBC) moderator by night! ECBC – Wonder Woman: Year One! is our next meeting.

Here are the comics and graphic novels that caught his attention in this month’s Previews (in addition to his usual pull list). To ensure that you get these books when they arrive, please call the store at 727-398-2665 or email our Books & New Comics Merchant at, to reserve a copy!

From the Previews Catalog #348, September 2017 (for books arriving mainly in November)…


“It’s very much a hearkening back to a more bombastic, classic era of Marvel, with a more modern feel” – Mark Waid

Captain America #695 (page 3 in the Marvel Previews) – Mark Waid and Chris Samnee, the team that brought us some classic Daredevil and Black Widow story arcs, go for the hat trick with a revitalized post-hydra-mind-slave Captain America. Definitely worth a shot. ($3.99)



“A comic for those of us who feel like 2017 is the year when our country stopped making sense” – Tom King

Mister Miracle #4 (page 118) – back in June (Previews #345) I recommended issue #1 and it did not disappoint. King is tapping into the zeitgeist: “I served my country, I did that. I was in the CIA, and I served in Iraq and Afghanistan, and I love this country with every part of my body…. The rules that your parents taught you, the rules of life don’t make sense anymore, and you get this feeling that you’re just trapped here, like you can’t get out, no matter what you do. You’re stuck here.” It’s a good time for a super-escape artist. ($3.99)




Anyone else think that this like looks like a cross between Bone, Excalibur, and the Airtight Garage?

Sword of Ages #1 (page 150) – Writer/artist Gabriel Rodriguez has this to say about this ambitious new comic: “Sword of Ages is first of all, an adventure, which we want to make as entertaining and appealing as possible. It takes the form of a re-telling of the Excalibur myth as a space fantasy epic about the origin of the sacred sword and the first one chosen to wield it.” ($3.99)




This might be vampire noir… but I’m pretty sure that ain’t blood… that’s oil.

Dark Fang #1 (page 191) – Another politically themed pick? Well, the 3-page preview definitely piques my interest. “DARK FANG was largely born out of the anger and frustration I feel towards people either denying or having an apathetic attitude towards climate change,” says writer Miles Gunter. “Working on this book has been a fun catharsis for all my frustration about the issue, and I hope it will be a catharsis for others who feel the same way.” Have to admire someone who has the courage of his convictions, so I’m in for the first issue. ($3.99)




Don’t let the cartoony style fool you – if it’s anything like their other books, this story will be a delightful and sophisticated fable!

Satania (page 381) – The only graphic novel this month is by the European couple who authored the amazing Beauty and Miss Don’t Touch Me. This new book, in their own words…

Marie: It’s about a group of people who go into the ground and go too far and they arrive in hell. It’s funny, too. [laughs]

Sébastien: It’s like an adventure story. A road movie, but a road movie in the ground. It’s also a psychological story about what’s happening in the characters’ brains.

Marie: The deeper they go, the more they know about themselves.

Sébastien: They’re struggling with their own demons but also real demons. [laughs]

(Hardcover edition $24.99)



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