ECBC: Comics recommendations by “Doctor Vince”! 6/11/17

“Doctor Vince” is a rocket scientist by day, and an EC Book Club (ECBC) moderator by night (EC Book Club: Saga vol 2 by Brian K. Vaughan & Fiona Staples​ is our next meeting)! Here are his recommendations for upcoming comics and graphic novels in Previews. To ensure that you get these books when they arrive, please call the store at 727-398-2665 or email our Books & New Comics Merchant at, to reserve a copy!


Moebius Library: The Art of Edena – Some of the most beautiful and lyrical imagery ever drawn by Moebius was created for his Edena cycle of stories. A complete collection of this work is finally being printed in the US in three volumes. This is the second. ($34.99)


“Dave Stewart makes everything better!”

Hard Boiled HC (Second Edition) – One of Frank Miller’s stranger story telling experiments, a brutal sci-fi noir with obsessively detailed artwork by Geof Darrow. The recoloring by Dave Stewart makes this worth another look. ($19.99)



“The future is bright and hopeful!”

Batman ’66 Meets the Legion of Super-Heroes – The idea of an Adam West era Batman cross-over with the teenage superheroes from 1,000 years into the future sounds great. This is the ‘classic’ era for the LSH and Mike Allred’s art is a perfect match, even more so than for the Bug or Silver Surfer. ($3.99)


“Not too much preview artwork out there yet, but this single panel does seem to get at the tone of the storytelling as I remember it.”

Mage: The Hero Denied #0 – Matt Wagner’s first indy ‘hit’ was a comic about a cabbie who was the reincarnation of King Arthur. “Magic is Green” was a thing, and though it’s been many years since I first read it, I’m looking forward to the upcoming final chapter of Kevin’s Matchstick’s story. This appears to be a one-shot to reintroduce the world of this story. ($1.99)


“Looks urban, haunted, and intriguing to me.”

Fog Over Tolbia Bridge HC – Jacques Tardi is one of the great french comic artists of the 1970s-1980s. He has a bold black and white style which seems too realistic for admirers of the Belgian clean-line school while being too cartoony for fans of American super-hero comics. An acquired taste worth trying. This latest release from Fantagraphics is another one of his crime novel adaptations, so it promised to be done-in-one. ($19.99)


“Creepy and fun!”

My Pretty Vampire HC – From the solicitation for Katie Skelly’s self-published first issue: “Clover is a beautiful young vampire who lives in an opulent mansion with her caretaker brother. He hopes to protect her from herself, but she longs for freedom and rebellion.” Katie has a wicked appreciation for trash cinema and 1970’s European comics by sexual-surrealist authors such as Guido Crepax which she filters through a bubblegum pop sensibility for her own stories. ($19.99)


“Kirby made anything more awesome – here’s a double-page splash panel from an issue of his 1970’s classic, Kamandi.”

Kirby 100 – Jack Kirby would have been 100 years old this year, and pop-culture would be so very very different (and arguably poorer) without him. This looks like an awesome celebration of his life and work. ($34.95)


True Believers: Kirby 100th – Twelve issues of Jack Kirby comics reprinted for only $1 each… some odd choices, but my recommendation would be to go with the 3 issues from the mid-1970s. Though past his peak, Kirby’s art was still amazing, and he was both drawing and writing these issues (Black Panther, Eternals, and Devil Dinosaur number 1) so you get the full Kirby-effect! ($1 each for total $3)


Roshomon: A Commissioner Heigo Kobayashi Case HC – You can trace a direct line from Mike Mignola and classic Sin-City era Frank Miller to the art and storytelling of Victor Santos. Unlike those two legends, he has yet to create his masterpiece, but this samurai era story, drawn from the same source which inspired Akira Kurosawa’s great film of the same title, could be the one. ($19.99)


Mister Miracle 1 – This comic has 3 things going for it: 1) it’s written by Tom King who blew me away with his 12-issue masterpiece (that word again, deservedly) The Vision, 2) the art by Mitch Gerads looks inspired, and 3) from what I’ve read about it so far, this series promises to include all of Jack Kirby’s New Gods pantheon. One of the great unfinished series, the early 70s Fourth World titles (New Gods, Mister Miracle, Forever People, and Jimmy Olsen) were an interwoven story about the cost of war and the price of peace. More sci-fi mythology than super-hero comic, the characters have rarely been done well by anyone other than Kirby. Now, one “King” follows another. Hopes are high! ($3.99)


Darkseid Special 1 – It’s a big Kirby month at Marvel and DC! The main story in this issue was written by Mark Evanier. The most authoritative Kirby biographer, he served as an assistant to “The King” back in the early 70’s and should have a good story to tell about the Fourth World’s ultimate villain. Looks like there’s also a back-up story with art by Steve Rude. Worth a shot! ($3.99)


“As close as you’ll ever get to the original art, corrections and all.”

Jack Kirby Artist’s Editions HC – At the opposite end of the price-spectrum from Marvel’s $1 reprints, IDW is offering four of their full-size archive quality collections of original art reproductions. If you can afford it, you really can’t go wrong with any one of these, but I’m partial to the FF and Kamandi volumes for the inking by Sinnott and Royer. (About $150) – Recommended for those rich in dollars, or successful bitcoin investors   ;)


“Example from a previous issue of Mirror – more about it here

Mirror #10 – I don’t know anything about this series, but Emma Rios is an amazing artist, working here as writer with illustrator Hwei Lim on “a narrative that would be romantic and sweeping and epic (space opera style!) and yet relatable and endearing.” The art, which combines bright and airy watercolors with meticulous panel composition, is sophisticated. ($3.99)


“I decided to tell the story with no words because I wanted readers to see the events as they lived- in the young boy’s mind.” – Sacco

Josephine GN – An autobiographical comic, told without words. Creator Kevin Sacco has a reputation for meticulous draftsmanship, and this story is set in the New York City of the 1960s which is definitely an interesting time period.Recommended for fans of 1960s civil rights/mad-men era storytelling. ($12.99)


“Iconic weirdness.”

The Bloody Cardinal SC – Richard Sala is a veteran independent cartoonist, going back to his “Invisible Hands” segments for MTV’s 1980’s animated “Liquid Television”. His style has settled down a lot, but he still creates unforgettable comics which are sexy, sweet, and scary. An acquired taste. ($16.99)


Ghost Money 1 – European comics have always had a reputation for incredible draftsmanship. In recent years, they’ve incorporated the influence of Manga and American comics to become much more energetic. This series looks like a sci-fi thriller with a distinctly international flavor. ($3.99)




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