DC Comics and YOU!

You may have heard by now that DC Comics recently announced that they’re leaving Diamond, the main comic book distributor, for other comic distributors. We’ve heard a lot of people worried about how that will change their subscriptions, and wondering what kind of delays to expect for DC books.

If you buy your comics here at EC, you hopefully won’t see a huge change in anything. We will be ordering our DC comics from the new distributors, and other than the usual damaged and missing comics that we deal with behind the scenes every week, we don’t expect this change to impact you much.

Easy: make sure you’re subscribed to your comics early. The more confidently we can order a series because YOU have asked for it, the easier it is for us to get enough comics for everyone who wants them. If you’re already subscribed to a series, we’ll still be getting everything on your list for you. To make changes to your subscriptions or preorder books not already on your subscription list, contact our Books & New Comics Merchant, Frank, at 727-398-2665 or comics@emeraldcitycomics.com.

Now, we won’t kid you – this isn’t a super positive change for most shops. It’s going to cause some extra work on the ordering and receiving side of things, but don’t worry about that on YOUR end. WE like a challenge – and with the state of the world today, we’ve had a lot of practice figuring out how to do new things. Ordering comics from a new company should be a cakewalk at this point!   :D

As always, thank you so much for supporting us, and for being a part of our EC Family!

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