Cryptocracy #1, from Dark Horse Comics

Crypt Teaser

From the shadows, the Nine Families have operated in secret for centuries, shaping the fate of the world. Now—finally—they will be revealed in CRYPTOCRACY, a new conspiracy-fueled creator-owned series from writer Van Jensen (The Flash, Green Lantern Corps) and artist Pete Woods (Deadpool, Action Comics), launching June 29 from Dark Horse.


Imagine X-FILES, except seen from the perspective of the Smoking Man. That is CRYPTOCRACY, an ongoing series that gives us an inside look at the hidden powers that guide humanity. Our hero is Grahame, a senior agent inside one of the Nine Families. Just as he is rising to power, all is thrown into turmoil when a mysterious figure known only as “Hum” attacks the Families. As Grahame fights to defend all that he has built, he’s pulled into a greater mystery when the oldest Family secrets finally are dragged into the light. It’s a raucous, epic series that offers a new take on the most well known conspiracies, as well as a few from the farthest edges of the fringe.


CRYPTOCRACY #1 is featured in the April PREVIEWS catalog under order code: APR160120

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