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New Games! 7/17/2020

UNMATCHED: COBBLE AND FOG In battle, there are no equals. Unmatched: Cobble & Fog features four new heroes for the Unmatched system. Invisible Man uses fog to dart around the board and strike without warning. Sherlock, with the trusty Watson by his side, schemes and calculates to ensure victory. Dracula and the sisters slowly drain […]

New Games! 6/19/2020

ENDANGERED The march of humankind’s progress threatens the survival of many species. It’s up to you and your team to save them! Work with your fellow conservationists to save tigers and sea otters from extinction. Influence the UN to save the animals and stop environmental destruction. If four UN ambassadors vote yes on the resolution […]

New Games! 6/12/2020

MONOPOLY GODZILLA “Put your Godzilla fandom to use in Monopoly: Godzilla! Buy, sell, and trade your favorite locations from the different Godzilla movies and eras. Choose your favorite token to travel around the board and relive your favorite moments from this worldwide pop-culture icon! ”     KING OF TOKYO: DARK EDITION King of Tokyo: […]

NEW GAMES! 6/5/2020

SANTA MONICA In Santa Monica, you are trying to create the most appealing neighborhood in southern California. Will you choose to create a calm, quiet beach focused on nature, a bustling beach full of tourists, or something in-between to appeal to the locals? Each turn, you draft a feature card from the display to build […]


Monday, May 25th from 11am to 7pm EC will be OPEN during our REGULAR HOURS of 11am – 7pm on Monday! ALL DAY MONDAY, May 25th, SAVE 10% on ALL BOOKS & GRAPHIC NOVELS AND ALL GAMES & GAMING SUPPLIES THROUGHOUT THE STORE – AND ON OUR ONLINE SHOP! We give much thanks to those […]


Monday, May 4th from 11am to 6pm To celebrate Star Wars Day (“May the 4th be with you!”) AND our official re-opening to the public, we are offering 10% OFF all Star Wars merchandise in the store! [We are re-opening in accordance with the Governor’s new orders of 25% capacity and 6’ distancing. For more […]


Here’s a selection of our polyhedral dice sets, to use as a “menu” for mail order while our storefront is closed due to the COVID-19 threat! If you can see the name of the set you want, you can order them HERE! If not… * call us at 727-398-2665 or email us at with your […]


Here are a ton of our games – CCGs, RPGs, miniatures, and other tabletop games – to use as a “menu” for mail order while our storefront is closed due to the COVID-19 threat! * call us at 727-398-2665 or email us at with your order, and we’ll give you your total with shipping * […]

EC on eBay and Amazon!

In addition to our online shop, and calling or emailing us with requests, we also have eBay and Amazon listings of great stuff – check ’em out!

New Games Wall!

Here’s our New Games Wall, to use as a “menu” for mail order while our storefront is closed due to the COVID-19 threat! * call us at 727-398-2665 or email us at with your order, and we’ll give you your total with shipping * purchase EC Gift Certificates on our online shop to pay for […]


  We can currently offer mail order only, in compliance with state-wide COVID-19 orders: call us at 727-398-2665 or email us at with your order, and we’ll give you your total with shipping – only $5 shipping on most orders! (some items may cost more to ship) purchase EC Gift Certificates on our online […]

Stuck Indoors? Longer Board Games!

When everywhere is closed and we’re stuck inside, what better thing to do than play board games! Here are a list of a couple of our favorite longer games to play on those days when you’re stuck inside all day!     FURY OF DRACULA Fury of Dracula features all-new art and graphic design crafted […]

New Games! 3/13/2020

THE SHINING All work and no play… You’ve traveled into the heart of the Rocky Mountains to take charge of the Overlook Hotel while it is closed for the winter — except you aren’t alone. The Hotel’s bloody history has made some of its past guests a permanent addition to the building, and with them […]


Saturday, March 14th from 11am to 6pm (store remains open until 8pm) We still have a bunch of books, comics, games, and toys left over from the Garage Sale; so here’s what we’re gonna do: All items left over from the Garage Sale will be 50% OFF the already-low Garage Sale prices! (We will enter […]

New Games! 3/6/2020

ETTIN: TWO AGAINST THE WORLD BOARD GAME From the mists of war, a pair of great nations rise together like a two-headed giant. They march across the land crushing their foes. As one, they combine their strengths, thwart their enemies, and achieve a triumphant destiny. Ettin is a 2-8 player card-drafting game in which teams […]


Every Wednesday EC and All Things Nerdy host “EC Game Night” where you can Learn & Play a featured game from 6-7pm, then stay for Open Play of that game from 7-8pm — or any of our gaming demos of your choice! Saturdays’ “EC Game Day” events with All Things Nerdy run from Noon-2pm, and […]

New Games! 2/28/2020

DUNGEON AND DRAGONS: DUNGEON MAYHEM – MONSTER MADNESS In Dungeon Mayhem: Monster Madness, you play as one of six epic D&D monsters, each with their own way to charm, crush, disintegrate, and devour their foes. Store all your Dungeon Mayhem cards in this monster-sized box, then select your favorite character and pit it against any […]

Toy Fair New Board Games!

New York Toy Fair was this past weekend, which brings not only a ton of cool toy announcements, but also new board games! Here is a couple of games that I, Adrian, am super excited for!     HOCUS POCUS Players will work together to ruin the potions concocted by the legendary Sanderson sisters to […]

New Games! 2/21/2020

CLINIC: DELUXE EDITION Your Town Center is flourishing, but as the city grows, the need for emergency medical care grows with it. Fortunately, you and your business partners have the wherewithal to build a clinic to help those in need of more than first aid. You quickly get a pre-admissions facility built to help process […]

New Games! 2/14/2020

VIDEO VORTEX Video Vortex is a competitive deck-building game for 2-4 players set in a radioactive future Earth inhabited by video-obsessed mutants. Each genre-worshiping character must strategically employ their individual mutant powers while battling opponents and navigating game effects in an attempt to seize control of the wasteland. On their respective turns, players will spend […]