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Saturday, February 2nd from 11am to 8pm 50% OFF BACK ISSUE COMICS! (discount is taken off the guide price of the comic; excludes vintage, key, and consignment comics) Also, all red-marked or black-marked $1 Comics will be on sale… 20 for $15 50 for $35 100 for $60 200 for $100 500 for $200!!! PLUS, […]

New Comics & Books for 1/23/2019!!!

Click here for the full list of new releases! Featured Comics: GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #1 MARVEL COMICS (W) Donny Cates (A) Geoff Shaw (CA) David Marquez WHO WILL STAND The universe is on fire. Hundreds of worlds are at war. Never has there been such hatred and division across the cosmos. And in spite […]


Wednesday, January 23rd from 11am to 8pm All Guests may enter this FREE all-day raffle to win* 2 tickets to the 8pm Saturday, January 26th, concert event! The winner will be contacted Thursday, January 24th. Experience Star Wars as never before with Ruth Eckerd Hall‘s first-ever live performance of Star Wars Live In Concert: Empire […]


Saturday, January 26th from 11am to 8pm The Guardians of the Galaxy get an ALL-NEW #1 COMIC by the THANOS WINS creative team of Donny Cates and Geoff Shaw — and it will be available on EC’s New Comics Wall on Wednesday, January 23rd! Come help us celebrate! On Saturday, January 26th, the FIRST 50 […]

“Justin’s Jabber” – Back Issue Comics! 1/18/19

Movie rumors swirling around The Black Knight — who would’ve ever thought? Then again I remember being very perplexed when I heard that Marvel Studios was going to be making a Guardians of the Galaxy movie, so I suppose I should learn to expect the unexpected.   Avengers #47, first appearance of Dane Whitman, Very […]

New Games! 1/18/2019

KITTY PAW: VALENTINES DAY EDITION What happens when seven cats run into cardboard boxes? Well, a crazy game of kitty hide-and-seek! Kitty Paw is a dexterity and reaction game. Players try to be the first to complete the kitty combinations shown on the Kitty cards to score victory points (VP). The player with the most […]

New Toys & Collectibles for 1/16/2019!

KINGDOM HEARTS SELECT SERIES 3 DIAMOND SELECT TOYS LLC A Diamond Select Toys release! Are you ready to play Space Paranoids? The Kingdom Hearts Select action figure line travels to the video game universe of Space Paranoids, where everyone gets a high-tech makeover! This assortment of multi-character figure sets includes Black Coat Mickey Mouse with […]

New Comics & Books for 1/16/2019!!!

Click here for the full list of new releases! Featured Comics: BATMAN WHO LAUGHS #2 DC COMICS (W) Scott Snyder (A/CA) Jock After the shocking ending of issue #1, a ticking clock sets Batman on a trail throughout the different realities of the Multiverse. He starts to see all the iterations of his life, and […]

New Toys & Collectibles for 1/9/2019!

DRAGONBALL SUPER LEG BATTLE SON GOKU ULTRA INSTINCT FIGURE BANPRESTO From Banpresto. This figurine depicts a pivotal scene from Dragon Ball Super: the moment where Goku attains Ultra Instinct and becomes the strongest he’s ever been! A new addition to Banpresto’s Legend Battle Figure series, Goku reaches a height of 9 3/4″ with metallic silver […]

New Games! 1/11/2019

DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS AND PATHFINDER WAVE 7 MINIATURES Products each come with highly-detailed figures, primed and ready to paint out of the box. These fantastic miniatures include deep cuts for easier painting. Certain miniatures include translucent parts for a vibrant and unique presentation. Also, the 2-piece character packs include a high-level and low-level miniature of […]

“Justin’s Jabber” – Back Issue Comics! 1/11/18

We’ve got some Neal Adams Batman issues here folks! The Adams Batman is the gold standard!! Heck, let’s go ahead and call it the Platinum Standard!!! How can you resist the Platinum Standard?!   Batman #251, return of the Joker, Good (2.0), $100.  

New Comics & Books for 1/09/2019

Click here for the full list of new releases! Featured Comics: CAPTAIN MARVEL #1 MARVEL COMICS (W) Kelly Thompson (A) Carmen Nunez Carnero (CA) Amanda Conner, Paul Mounts ALL THE STARS ALIGN AS KELLY THOMPSON AND CARMEN CARNERO TAKE ON MARVEL’S PREMIER FEMALE SUPER HERO! As Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers has spent months in space […]

Superman Santa 12/1/18 photo album!


Saturday, January 12th from 11am to 8pm Funko fans are everywhere! (We even have a special Facebook page dedicated to our EC Guests who are Funko Fans – And, every once in a while we like to treat our EC Family Members to one of your favorite sales events – Pop!-A-Palooza!!! On Saturday, January […]

Spider-Verse Day 12/15/18 photo album!

“Justin’s Jabber” – Back Issue Comics! 1/4/19

Welcome to 2019 everybody! I’m willing to bet that your New Year’s resolution was something along the lines of “make my comic book collection as awesome as possible,” right? Of course it was! Well, allow me to help you kick off the New Year right with a few quick recommendations…   Amazing Spider-Man #9, first […]


Every Wednesday from 6 – 8pm, EC and All Things Nerdy host “EC Game Night” where you can Learn & Play, where our friendly and patient friends from All Things Nerdy will teach you the game and answer your questions! Then you can join us for Open Play of the featured game, or any of […]


Wednesday, January 9th from 6pm to 8pm Join us as AMANDA CONNER will be here at EC signing copies of Marvel’s Captain Marvel #1 (releasing the same day), from 6-8pm!!!** 2 autographs FREE, then $5 each; OR $10 fee for ALL autographs to be CGC graded. Sorry, no time for sketches at this event! Agents […]


Wednesday, February 6th from 6:30 to 7:30 pm The Emerald City Book Club meets the FIRST WEDNESDAY of the month from 6:30-7:30 pm, in “The Hub” at the center of the store, to chat about the featured book. We usually begin each meeting with a “Comics 101” slideshow giving some historical, artistic, or social background […]

New Comics & Books for 1/02/2019!!!

Click here for the full list of new releases!   Featured Comics: CONAN THE BARBARIAN #1 MARVEL COMICS (W) Jason Aaron (A) Mahmud A. Asrar (CA) Esad Ribic BY CROM, THE GREATEST SWORD-AND-SORCERY HERO RETURNS TO MARVEL! From an age undreamed…hither came Conan the Cimmerian, black-haired, sullen-eyed, sword in hand, a thief, a reaver, a […]