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COMICS OMNIVORE is a new national program aimed at growing the readership of quality comics!
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(W) Michael Moreci, Tim Daniel (A/CA) Josh Hixson
In order to receive… First you must give. When Chase Blaine’s estranged brother and sister-in-law are murdered, he becomes guardian to McKenzie and Zach, the niece and nephew he hardly knows. Seeking stability for the children, Chase moves his newly formed family to his ancestral home in Cape Augusta… which overlooks a deep, black bogland teeming with family secrets.

Why It’s Cool: “For some, family can be a real source of horror. Family can be a horror that kills. The Plot, from Tim Daniel, Michael Moreci, and Josh Hixson, make that horror all too solid, too physical. Set in 1974, The Plot reminds me a bit of the noir works of Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips if you strip the noir away and suffuse the entire affair in gloom and dread. Bad things are in store for the Blaine family and I’m excited to be along for the ride.”
-Edward Uvanni, Comics Omnivore Director


Q&A with Michael Moreci & Tim Daniel:

Tell us a little bit about The Plot. How did everything come together?

Michael Moreci & Tim Daniel: We’d been circling around the idea of doing a third horror-focused collaboration together following Curse and Burning Fields. The time for Vault Comics to explore horror had also arrived as the company matured and readers understood they could expect high-quality Science Fiction & Fantasy from the publisher. Adding another genre just felt right. With the launch of Nightfall, Vault’s annual Fall horror event, The Plot was selected as the inaugural title. We unearthed an idea that had been lingering about the periphery of our attention and it was suddenly like we’d always been writing the Blaine’s story.

What are you reading/watching/listening to as inspiration for this work?

MM & TD: Naturally we consume all manner of media, you might say we’re omnivores when it comes to pop culture. Recent prose includes Stephen King’s The Outsider, Mallory O’Meara’s The Lady From the Black Lagoon. We’re watching a lot of Netflix horror form The Haunting Of Hill House to Stranger Things 3. We’re revisiting the Conjuring films, IT, Pet Semetary, It Follows, and US. For listening pleasure, it’s often a staggering number of soundtracks from John Carpenter to John Williams.

When you started this project who did you have in mind as an audience for this, and did it change by the time you finished?

MM & TD: Our intended audience is readers that want both sides of the horror coin–the psychological and the supernatural. There’s no better combination of elements than when a horror tale combines both our internal fears then manifests them back at us via a well-conceived monster. Classic horror stories always give shape or form to our fears and in this way, we’re aiming to serve up something that will strongly satisfy both the modern and traditional horror fan. Even more, since this is an interracial family tale (the Blaine family is Asian-American) we think it will resonate powerfully with readers looking for representation through the universal prism of a family.

The overall story has not changed much since its inception, but what has happened is really cool–our characters have surprised us.

That alone as led us into some very thrilling and often rewarding places as writers.

Can you give us an idea of what readers can look forward to in this series, maybe a little down the line?

MM & TD: Sideburns, bell-bottoms, macramé, sweater vests and bog monsters–because this is 1974 and we’re taking readers to Cape Augusta, a sleepy and very wealthy East Coast enclave founded by the Blaine family centuries before our tale takes place. Like all immigrants coming to America, they’ve had to make some very costly sacrifices in order to survive and even prosper in the new world. And that cost is something they must keep paying for, generation after generation. In this particular case, it’s usually the responsibility of each generation’s patriarch and that’s where we join our Blaine brothers, Charles and Chase. Payment has come due.

What’s great in comics right now that you’re currently reading?

MM & TD: We’re allowed to tout the publisher of The Plot, right? If so, then we’re digging Vault titles! Queen Of Bad Dreams, She Said Destroy, Sera & The Royal Stars, These Savage Shores and Resonant.

We’re looking forward to the just announced Money Shot, Mall with Gary Dauberman, and the return of Wasted Space. In the late Fall, the second Nightfall title, Black Stars Above will launch. The Plot and Black Stars Above will really demonstrate the wide range of horror readers can expect from Nightfall.

Also reading Little Bird and Thumbs (Image), and always re-reading Tom King’s Mr. Miracle, Vision and Omega Men. That said, we’re dabblers and samplers. Any given week after a trip to the local shop we’ll come back with a variety of comics!

Have you earned reader’s attention and trust? Why should they pick-up The Plot?

MM & TD: As we mentioned at the top of the interview, we’ve written two very well-received horror titles together in Curse and Burning Fields. Separately, we’ve been writing for comics for close to a decade. Mike has penned Hoax Hunters, Roche Limit, Wasted Space, ReincarNATE, Battlestar Galactica, and slew of DC’s most famous characters to name only a few titles…not to mention three novels (Black Star Renegades, We Are Mayhem most notably). Tim’s solo projects include Enormous, Atoll, Spiritus and most recently Fissure. We’d like to think we’ve earned a shot with every reader!

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